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Event Works is looking for submissions for a design competition with a runway night on April 16th. Submit for a chance to have your designs judged by a panel of faculty and alum and for a chance to win cash prizes!


Submissions must meet the following criteria:

-Is an original design

-Does not involve nudity

-Shares something unique about you as a designer/creator

We want to see you get innovative with your designs! The submission criteria are meant to be as open as possible. We will be happy to accept old work, collaborative work, work made by hand, by machine, with paper, yarn, plastic, leaves, and more. It can be as conventional or unconventional as you can imagine it to be. 

Submissions will be scored in 3 main areas:

-Use of material

-Innovation of form

-Quality of construction

with prizes being awarded based on said categories.

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We're excited to put this event together and offer this opportunity for creators in our community. 

Submission slots are limited, so submit as soon as you can! We can't wait to see your work!


Limited one submission per student. 

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