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About us

Event Works is a production team of students from the Studio for Interrelated Media department at Massart. The students in the SIM department are given the freedom to create, produce, and collaborate through a transformative and interdisciplinary lens. 


As a student-run collective at the only public arts college in the country, Event Works strives to be the flame of resilience in a world which lacks connection, rebuilding our community one event at a time. 

'23-'24 TEAM


Amélie L. Fisher

Social media & website management, graphic design, video


Robin Sielicki

Isabella Febbroriello

Lighting design, creative director, 

project management

Community outreach, set building &


Rosa Doherty

Sound tech, performer outreach

Yssa Boma

Anadia Osorio

Lighting design, graphic design, social media management.

Project management, Purchasing management, stagehand


Faeryn Seddon

Hannah Zahr

Milena Moussli

Creative director, set dressing

Creative director, Godine Family Gallery manager

Set dressing, project management


Andrew Vincent

Tech director, VJ, video tech

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